About Me

My name is Zack [he/him], or 0CTOZER0 online. I am a young independent artist, with a concentration in character design/illustration, and based in the United States. I love bright colors and dynamic poses throughout my works. My goal is to sustain myself through my passion for art, and inspire others while doing so. 

I currently use an XP Pen Artist 24 drawing tablet, and Clip Studio Paint Pro program to draw my works, however I also sometimes use the software Procreate on the iPad. All items in this store were drawn and designed by me.

All products in the shop are trimmed, packaged, and shipped by me (0ctozer0), and me alone. Products may be prone to human error, as they all will be trimmed by hand. Products will ship out as fast as possible, but please allow up to one week for products to ship domestically, and one month internationally. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

All orders will come with 1 personalized thank you note, and business cards (when in stock!)

I drop off orders as they come. Print sizes vary.

Lastly a huge shout out to my homie Red for helping me code parts of my website! Please check out some of their amazing works!